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Writing poetry about my life began as I watched a tennis match. It was January of 2018. Maybe it was the quickness of the players as they moved around the court. Maybe it was a signal going to my brain that I need to place more focus on being fit. It could have been my subconscious telling me that I am much older but that I have not come to grips with this fact. All I know is that words began to flood my mind. I grabbed paper and a pen to jot down my thoughts. My feelings were erupting; I had no idea why I felt the need to bare any part of what was going on in my life.

These words were all about age. The spark inside of me was so real. My youthfulness was fading away. While I felt young in my heart and mind, my physical self was not the same. I had changed; it was then that I was able to connect with my aging self.

When I completed the poem, The Magic of Living, my niece and I talked about trees. It was her idea that led me on a trip to South Carolina in search of an Angel Oak tree. It was on John's Island where I found this grand tree. This tree is so full of life. I just stood there and admired its beauty and longevity. My eyes moved up, down and around this tree. The branches and roots went on and on. It took my breath away. As I looked at that tree, the words in my poem became more meaningful to me.

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Margaret J. Brinson, one of ten children, was born and raised in North Carolina. After serving her country in the military, she moved to Washington, DC, and served in the government for several years before marrying and moving to New York with her husband. She has traveled extensively, both within the United States and overseas. Her love of sports has taken her to numerous Olympic games. She and her husband have now retired and split their time enjoying the warmth of their Florida home as well as their timeshare in Aruba.

Excerpt from the poem “On My Own”

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My Branch of Life by Margaret Joeline Brinson is a heartwarming collection of poems that contain moments that are nostalgic and enlightening. The collection is divided into four parts: reflections, love, perceptions, and wisdom. In the first section, reflections, the work opens with "The Magic of Living," a poem about enjoying the simple pleasures of life like soaking in the rain and enjoying the warmth of the sun while growing through life's experiences. Margaret Joeline Brinson's My Branch of Life is filled with beauty and wisdom told through elegant verses that explore the author's life experiences. While the poems transport one to enthralling moments, the narrator acknowledges the difficult and, many times, painful moments of life. She chooses to focus on the hidden magical moments that are also present. The narrator's candidness about their challenges and mistakes makes the work relatable.

- Edith Wairimu, Readers' Favorite

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